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La Leela Jimbaran Spa

TOUCHED by La Leela focuses on exclusive treatments and organic products, along with a distinctive philosophy for wellbeing and blends nature with science to provide therapies that work on mind, body and soul through a variety of different health disciplines and encounters.
Upon arrival, one would notice that the architecture of the receiving pavilion is based on one of nature’s great mysteries, known as the golden ratio, encompassing the harmonic and symmetrical principles lying behind nature itself, and expressed through a simple series of whole numbers, called the Fibonacci code. All the major buildings are crafted from bamboo; the mosaic tiles in the salt water swimming pool depict the flower of life symbol, and the opening above the main pavilion features the Hindu Shatkona, or six-pointed star, in the chakra colors. Shatkona represents Siva for male energy and fire, and Shakti for female power and water.

Customized massages are delivered as well as therapies ranging from VitroSpiral Therapy and Magnetic Resonance Therapy which intensifies metabolism, nutrients and energies absorptions, maximize cellular function in the human body respectively.

*The Spa Suites will only be opened late 2014; therapies and massage treatments are delivered in the private villas. And get 25% off on pre-booked therapies! Email: info@laleelajimbaran.com

Massages include Japanese Shiatsu as well as Deep Tissue and Traditional Balinese Massage performed by internationally experienced therapist – specializing in customized massage techniques.

After your therapy or massage a session of the Airnergy Stream is suggested. This treatment allows for effective distribution of energy trapped in certain areas. It aids in sufficiently supplying these energy needed to give the body optimal performance.

Sealing any treatment with a warm/cold shower as suggested by the therapist, using only our La Leela scented range of customized bath amenities is a must… after all, it’s TOUCHED by The La Leela.